bucket list journey of a 40 year old chick…things to do before I die


Not Fair!

I remember being small and saying this to my Dad a lot. Not fair! He always gave me tidbits of wisdom, like “suck it up” and “Life’s not fair, get over it”. It helped a little bit 🙂

I stumbled on a blog post by Corey Wells that reflects my feelings today, as an adult. I copied it and am posting here to remember.

Believe it or not…life is not fair. Occasionally the bad guy wins, people do play favorites, some good people die young, some people will let you down and not everyone is honest. While we can accept this, it shouldn’t stop us from dreaming big, working hard and doing what is right.

Sometimes it’s who you know and not what you know that matters. It won’t matter that you are the better qualified or the obvious choice. Some will always select people who they personally like better than you. Others who you rely on will let you down. The is especially hard to accept if you are someone who always keeps their word and does what is right. If you’re like that, you automatically think others should too. We could have all saved ourselves a lot of emotional stress if we’d have known all this before we venture out into the real world.

If we’d have learned the way the world worked a young age, we’d have never invested so much in the opinions others have about us. We’d have realized that it’s simply not advantageous to always try to please others. However, it’s still important to keep in mind that life is worth living. The secret is to always keep an optimistic outlook. You simply have to learn how to deal with the negative while seeking out the positive. Once you’ve learned this lesson, you will have the ability to still go out and enjoy a full and rewarding existence no matter how unfair life treats you.

So, basically, SUCK IT UP! Thanks Dad.


Day One (of many Day Ones, I’m sure)

I’m doing it today. I did everything to get Husband to tell me I need to lose weight, need to be healthier, need to stop eating fudge for breakfast. I figured if he tells me I need it, I will do it. Instead of saying any of that he informed me he wanted me to be happy with whatever I decided to do, but please don’t talk about it every 5 minutes. So that translated in my brain as “Girl, lose some weight and get over yourself.” Done. Let’s go fat cells! Nobody likes you anyway 🙂

Goal for today:

Play Wii tennis.

Eat NO Halloween junk.

Easy, right?

Driving Ms. Nikki

I’ve been thinking about it. Getting in the driver’s seat instead of the passenger’s seat. Even just to sit there is awkward and feels way out of my comfort zone. It’s funny to see the startlement and sometimes disgust on people’s faces when I admit I don’t drive. So many looks; puzzlement, shock and even outright ridicule. Funny how the seat I chose in the car brings out such a reaction.

I will sit in the driver’s seat this week. Might even start the car.

Something New…

Today I will do something new. Not something fun like eating Oreos for breakfast (did that) or play Maj Jong for almost an hour (did that too). Today I will look someone in the eye while speaking. This is a hard thing for me to do. I often find my gaze skittering over facial features while listening to a person’s conversation, all while avoiding eye contact. Not sure where this comes from?

Today I conquer the world! Well, at least attempt it 😉


“Nothing will ever be attempted if all possible objections must first be overcome.”
– Samuel Johnson

While doing a Trash the Dress session yesterday, I realized how many time I said “I’m scared…” Just yesterday alone, I said I was afraid of :

  1. flying
  2. bugs
  3. driving (I don’t drive at all)
  4. heights
  5. elevators
  6. large whales
  7. jelly fish
  8. bicycles
  9. water (swimming, not putting my feet in it LOL)
  10. The Dentist

This must stop. I have to get over all of these things eventually, I’m hoping sooner, than later. I’m going to add more to my list over the next week and by the end of summer, I will have some accomplished!

Ups and Downs

“Some days you’re the dog…some days you’re the hydrant.”

’nuff said.

Take a chance

You miss 100% of the shots you never take.”
– Wayne Gretsky

I did something yesterday that I normally would never do and have never done. I ate at a restaurant by myself. It was nice…not so much out of my comfort zone. Now that I’ve turned 40 I am taking more chances, caring less what other’s think and just being me. I like it!